We offer sound judgment and affordable legal services to you and your family, your business, and your employees related to immigration matters. Depending upon your specific situations offer services related to obtaining visas, travel documents, employment authorizations, asylum, and more.

Nonimmigrant Visas

We assist with all types of non-immigrant visas, including:
  • Employment Visas - H Visas
  • Intra-Company Transferee Visas - L Visas
  • Treaty Investor - E Visas
  • Outstanding and Selected Occupation Worker - O and P Visas
  • Religious Workers - R Visas
  • Fiances, Spouse & Children: K Visas

Immigrant Visas

Immigrant Visa Petitions may be filed under family and employer based preferences. We analyze your specific situation and propose the quickest and cost effective way for becoming a permanent resident of the United States and be subsequently becoming a naturalized US Citizen. We offer services for obtaining immigrant visa as
  • Immediate Relative of US Citizens
  • Spouses and Children of Legal Permanent Residents
  • Family Member of a US Citizens
  • Employment Based (EB)
  • Investor Immigration
  • Diversity Visa Lottery and Special Immigrant

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